Joining a franchise helps real estate agents gain experience as part of a nationally recognized brand. One of the drawbacks of belonging to one of these groups, however, is having to give a certain percentage of commission to a broker. You don’t have to worry about this with our company, though.

United Real Estate stands out among other real estate franchises thanks to our 100 percent commission model. Our agents get to keep their commission instead of splitting it with a broker, giving them even more incentive to provide exceptional service. Our company is also expanding rapidly, leading to more and more opportunities for agents to join one of our already established franchises or open a new one. Some of the other advantages that our franchise model provides include:

  • You don’t have to pay advertising or royalty fees.
  • You gain access to a comprehensive technology solution to help build your business.
  • You become part of one of the best franchises for customer satisfaction.
  • You’ll have a protected office territory.
  • You’ll have access to new, up-to-date training for managers and agents.

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