Twenty percent of all sales people earn eighty percent of the income. Why? The biggest difference between being successful in sales and struggling to earn a living is how you decide to spend your time. The top twenty percent spend their time working on what they need to do to become the person who is a top wage earner. Who do you need to be to produce the sales results you desire?

The real estate environment continues to change, as it has for the past 10 years, and in order to succeed you must be aware of the current and future needs of the market that must be met through the services you provide your clients. We have gone from an industrial revolution to a technological revolution to an informational revolution. Everyone has access to the same information that real estate brokerages once held exclusively. However, information is not knowledge or the power to make the best decisions. Your ability to deliver useful results better than any other brokerage or agent to your homebuying and selling clients  will determine your success. While the method in which people gather information has changed, the one aspect that has never changed in the sale of non-commodity assets, such as real estate, is that consumers still have to interact with people. The real estate brokerage community will always need people who possess certain traditional characteristics and skills of personal self-led leadership.

Success has always left clues. Business leaders, corporate boards and human resource directors in every field have discovered a need for people with not only technical expertise but also self-management skills.

While real estate agents need to change their technical approach on how they will better assist their clients, they also must manage a newly developed set of emotions that stem from the uncertainty of the current market and the potential of not easily finding their clients’ first home or next home. Agents who excel in all market conditions do so because they have developed habits that are built on a successful foundation of how they approach each day. They refuse to let the market, changing technology or competition dictate their outcome. They have not only a Why to succeed but also a recognition of Who they need to be to reach meaningful goals. Our latest United training, Amplified Selling, will teach who you need to be as the preferred local agent of homebuyers and sellers.

If you justify your current lifestyle, then you will earn the same in sales year after year. Learn how to amplify your thoughts about your future in order to change your expectations and results!

Upcoming Amplified Selling Dates: June 20 in Richmond and June 22 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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