Keeping your house in good shape is crucial if you plan on putting it on the market soon. Otherwise, you could run into problems or maintenance issues that will cause delays in the selling process or even keep buyers away.

Use the following tips for winterizing your property to make sure yours will be in good selling condition:

  • Have a furnace inspection done to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and safely. This gives you time to replace it or repair it if necessary.
  • Clear out your gutters, so melting snow and ice won’t cause blockages or leaks that could affect your siding or your home’s interior. Make sure that your downspouts are also fully connected to keep water draining away from your home.
  • Insulate any exposed pipes on your property, so they won’t freeze up and break or burst. This could lead to extensive water damage on your property. Outdoor faucets should also be winterized.
  • Replace any bulbs that are burnt out in your outdoor lights so you’ll have plenty of light when it gets dark early.

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